The SweatID system analyzes your sweat during exercise so you can plan your hydration to enhance performance and recovery.

Monitor hydration levels during activities

Avoid Cramping and “Bonking” from Poor Hydration

Know what to drink and when

Are you hydrating correctly?

One of the biggest challenges that athletes and workers in high-heat environments face are the harsh effects of improper hydration. 

Dehydration and electrolyte imbalances lead to cramping and poor performance, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, seizures, arrhythmias, kidney failure and even death. 

People undertaking high-sweat activities need an accurate way to measure  their electrolyte loss in order to plan proper hydration and avoid these complications. 

  • There are no convenient ways to monitor electrolyte levels in real-time.
  • Current fitness bands do not monitor hydration, so users are forced to make educated guesses about which products or strategies will work for them.
  • Pre- and post-weight measurements do not consider sodium loss, leaving athlete to guess how much sodium they need to consume.
  • Laboratory-based testing is expensive and the number of labs is limited, making the necessary data inaccessible to most people.

Track what matters

SweatID is helping athletes optimize their performance by tracking and analyzing an individual’s sweat, helping them to know:

Icon - What To Drink

What to drink

The SweatID system tells you whether you should be drinking water or replenishment drinks with low, medium or high electrolyte concentrations

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When to drink

By monitoring your electrolyte levels in real-time, the SweatID system can make sure you are always properly hydrated

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How much to drink

Drinking too much can be as bad as drinking too little, whether you sweat lightly, moderately or heavily influences how much you should drink

How it works:

SweatID makes it easy to pinpoint electrolyte levels and address dehydration issues before it happens.

The SweatID patch is the first nonwoven fabric sensor to provide real-time hydration information by selectively targeting sodium levels on the skin, providing users with the data they need to accurately rehydrate during work, training, or competition. 

The disposable sensor is integrated into reusable clothing and sends data via Bluetooth to the connected app.

The app categorizes the user’s sweat as having a low, medium, or high-sodium concentration and provides a personalized hydration strategy specifically tailored to their unique body chemistry.

nonwoven sodium level detecting fabric sensor being held by two hands

Your competitive advantage

The SweatID system puts lab quality testing into the palm of your hand. The SweatID system directly measures sodium concentration in your sweat in real time, with an accuracy that was previously only available in the lab.

athlete drinking water after using SweatID system

Real-Time Monitoring

No more guessing about electrolyte loss, now you can know exactly how your body sweats

Lab Quality Accuracy anytime, anyplace

Directly measures sodium, test and retest at your convenience whenever weather conditions or your conditioning changes

Comfortable to wear

The OPS sensor is integrated into an easy to wear band on your upper arm, like a sweat band, and keeps your hands free and unencumbered

Snap in a new sensor every time

Convenient, accurate and eliminates the need for washing and drying sensors


No unpleasant adhesives or dyes that cause sticky spots and discoloration

Future App Integration

Connect RooSense with your Strava, Garmin, and Training Peaks accounts to make the most of your data

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