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Real- Time Sodium Monitoring for Optimal Hydration and Athletic Performance

SweatID Bridges the Gaps in Hydration Tracking

In the world of hydration monitoring, a significant challenge persists: the absence of real-time sodium monitoring, which hampers athletes and individuals from achieving their peak performance. This crucial knowledge gap leads to suboptimal outcomes and a limited understanding of how to effectively maintain hydration levels.

Real time Sodium Sensing Devices available today = ZERO


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The Ultimate Performance Tool for Athletes, Collegiate Coaches, and Trainers

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Interested in optimizing your training regimen? Start sweating with advanced technology sodium biomarkers that decrease dehydration and increase performance.  

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Collegiate Coaches 

Unveil sodium secrets through a university program that can impact your athletic training programs with in depth hydration plans. 

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Enhance athletic performance and training for athletes through personalized hydration plans and real-time sodium sensors. 

Revolutionize Your Preformance

Achieve Peak Performance With SweatID: The Solution for Precision Hydration

We are a pioneering wearable technology company that has revolutionized coaching and training strategies, elevating performance outcomes through the utilization of personalized biomarker analysis of sweat. Our cutting-edge technology provides valuable insights into hydration levels, empowering athletes and individuals to optimize their training regimens and achieve peak performance.

We’re Revolutionizing the Coaching and Training Industry with SweatID's Advanced Technology

Unparalleled Precision: SweatID goes beyond traditional hydration tracking methods by providing real-time sodium monitoring, giving you accurate and up-to-date insights into your hydration levels.

Actionable Insights: Our advanced algorithms analyze your sodium loss data and provide personalized recommendations, helping you make informed decisions about your hydration practices.

Peak Performance Potential: By bridging the gap in hydration tracking, SweatID empowers athletes and individuals to reach their peak performance potential, unlocking new levels of achievement.

Invest in Innovation 

Become a part of the SweatID team by investing in the first sodium biomarker technology that returns data through a real-time bluetooth mobile app. 


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Join us on the forefront of transforming the world of hydration tracking. By partnering with SweatID, coaches, fitness instructors, and trainers can harness the power of our cutting-edge technology to elevate your training protocols, providing your customers with unrivaled hydration monitoring capabilities. Together, let's revolutionize how we optimize performance and maximize performance results.

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