Athletes Need To Sweat Smarter

Every body has a unique sweat profile. SweatID is the only fabric sensor that gives personalized sweat sodium output for wellness and optimized athletic performance.

Tracking Hydration is Hit or Miss

Sodium loss leads to performance loss. No other technology can track sodium levels in real-time. Lack of measurement leads to improper hydration and decreased athletic performance.

What An Individual Needs To Drink Depends On 4 Factors:

  • Exercise Intensity
  • }Exercise Duration
  • Temperature & Humidity of Environment
  • Individual Body Chemistry

Without an accurate monitor for sodium loss, hydration is a hit or miss guessing game.

Introducing SweatID

SweatID is a disposable nonwoven fabric sensor that can specifically measure the sodium concentration of a person’s sweat in real-time. The sensor may be worn as a patch or even integrated into clothing. Users will receive their unique sweat sodium data which can be analyzed by a coach, trainer, or nutritionist to evaluate the athlete’s individual hydration strategy.

SweatID Is The First Sweat-Monitoring System Built For Individual and Group Testing

Our robust data monitoring system and coaching platform can be used to collect and display real-time sodium data for individual athletes, a cycling class, a sports team, or other fitness training groups. Coaches can now easily measure individualized sodium concentrations for multiple athletes at the same time.

  • Hardware
  • Software/Data
  • Information Needed to Create a Customized Hydration Strategy

A New Model For Hydration Analysis

SweatID model - Step 1

Disposable Sensor Integrated Into SweatID Compatible Garments

SweatID model - Step 2

Data Sent Via Bluetooth To Phone, Tablet Or Watch App

SweatID model - Step 3

Analyze Sensor Data To Give Athletes the Information They Need to Develop a Personalized Hydration Plan

The SweatID System Delivers:

Real-Time Monitoring

No more guessing about sodium loss, now you can know exactly how your body sweats

Laboratory Quality Accuracy Any Time, Any Place

Test and retest at your convenience to develop a sweat profile for different environmental conditions

Comfortable to wear

This fabric-based sensor is placed in the pocket of a comfortable armband for the athlete’s ease of use


No unpleasant adhesives or dyes that cause sticky spots and discoloration

Our solution is to monitor sodium levels in clothing/gear athletes are already wearing to enable real-time replenishment. This leads to:

  • Increased Performance
  • Reduced Muscle Cramping
  • Decreased Lightheadedness
  • Decreased Nausea
  • Enhanced User Experience

“I feel like we had a very, very, very humid summer, and it was really tough like, you know, anybody who was training this summer most definitely with Hydration and replenishing with electrolyte like sodium. It’s tricky, and balancing that out was definitely a major topic especially with all the hormone balance needed for women, because that’s what happens when the heat and timidity turn up.”

— Dana Dombrowski, Female Ironman Athlete

“Most coaches who take hydration and fueling seriously, they’re going to recommend their athletes to take a sweat test.”

— Justin Arnosky, Ironman/Ultramarathon/Triathlon Runner

“I actually think this product would be very useful for just the average person. We’re going to record your hydration levels as well as what you’re deficient in. And then we’re going to create a custom blend just for you that’s intended just to increase your hydration just throughout the day. And this would be perfect for people who maybe aren’t elite athletes who maybe just want to have a better grasp on their hydration throughout the day other than just drinking a lot of water. And they want something that’s more tuned to them. It’s more custom to them.”

— Doug Cushing, Ironman athlete and Designer at SmartSpace

athlete testing SweatID

Athletes - Interested In Testing SweatID Technology?

We’re always looking for athletes to help us test our technology. If you’d like to participate, please sign up for notifications and testing opportunities.

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