3 Hacks for Hydrating in the Winter

Nov 28, 2022 | Ideas

Admit it, it’s easier to remember to hydrate in the summer. Sometimes all it takes is walking from your house to your car to break a sweat, let alone actually doing physical outdoor activities. Because of the increased outdoor temperatures, our bodies are constantly reminding us that it’s time to hydrate. In the winter, it’s not so much the case. Depending on where you live, you’re probably also layering up more to stay warm, which therefore can increase the amount you sweat, possibly without you even realizing it.

While many of us may hibernate in the winter, basic, everyday hydration is still important. Even if your physical activity level is down and your Netflix and couch-mode is up, you should still remember to stay properly hydrated. There are many winter activities that can cause us to sweat without necessarily even realizing we are. From hiking and skiing to shoveling and scraping off your car, you probably sweat a lot more than you think you are. 

That said, don’t count out hydrating this winter. Here are three hacks for staying properly hydrated, even if it feels like less of a priority

Hack 1: Warm it up

Nothing sounds better on a hot day than a cold glass of water. But if that doesn’t sound appetizing, try warming up with warm beverages. Drinking warm water has other health benefits, and you can even change it up by adding lemon or spices to give it the kick you crave. Healthy hot beverages also work, like green tea, cinnamon tea or hot chocolate. Who knew staying hydrated could sound so cozy on a cold day? 

Hack 2: Increase your hydration by switching up your foods

Did you know how many different types of food exist that have amazing hydrating properties? In the winter months, you’re most likely reaching for the warmer food. Thinking about soups, broths and oatmeal that are both tasty and hydrating (just make sure you check out the sodium levels!) In addition, most fruits and vegetables have 90-95% water in them, so adding generous servings of those to your diet won’t hurt! And winter is a great time to reflect on your eating and drinking habits. New year, new you, right?

Hack 3: Set new goals

Speaking of “new year new you,” now is also a perfect time to look at the next year. Think about small things you can do or change to help improve your daily hydration. Are you drinking enough during the day? Consider keeping a hydration journal to help keep better track in the new year. Splurge and buy yourself a new water bottle that you’ll want to use during the day. Talk with your doctor about how much you should be hydrating, and make a goal to stick to that. Trust us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Hydrating during the winter can be difficult to remember, but it’s equally as important (if not more important!) than in the summer. Interested in exactly when to drink, what to drink and how much to drink? Learn more about how SweatID, a nonwoven wearable, is helping users sweat smarter and set new goals. 

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