3 Ways Wearables Will Transform Health and Wellness This Year

Dec 28, 2022 | Ideas

In the past, wearables may have been seen as nice-to-have or even a piece of entertainment. Not anymore. Since the pandemic, and even more recently, things have changed and consumers are taking healthcare into their own hands. Not only do patients want to become more informed and more knowledgeable, but they’re also understanding the importance of owning health advocacy. And the best way of being your own advocate is by knowing yourself and your body.  

Take a look at three ways wearable technologies will transform healthcare this year (and beyond!). 

Patients will prioritize holistic care

Holistic care is defined by WebMD as “a form of healing that considers the whole person: body, mind, spirit and emotions.” While in the past, wearable technologies have typically only targeted one of these factors, the future will likely see a combination of all of them. This is a step in the right direction as individuals begin to take back control of their health in more ways than one. It also helps them understand, in a more comprehensive manner, who they are and why their body acts and reacts the way it does. Many parts of our bodies and minds are as unique as our fingerprint, and important thing to remember when monitoring our health.

We’ll see a more proactive approach to healthcare

Gone are the days where patients only start to think about their health and wellbeing when they start feeling sick. In 2023 and beyond, we expect to see a much more proactive approach to healthcare thanks to new wearable technologies. The pandemic showed us firsthand how important it is to be in good health standing on a regular, consistent basis. For example, a piece of wearable technology could alert a user if their heart rate is abnormal or unusually elevated and arm them with the tools they need when going to the doctor, before even feeling sick. Even wearable technology that tracks our steps, calories and more will encourage and motivate users to be more proactive and on top of their own individual health.

In-depth patient data will become accessible

The purpose of these wearable technologies is to bring health data directly to the user. In 2023, this will happen even more. Technology that was once only able to be monitored in the hospital or a doctors office can now be accessed in the comfort of one’s own home with the help of less intrusive and more portable devices. Additionally, the practice of telehealth and remote doctor’s appointments increased since the pandemic, but these virtual appointments didn’t allow for the high level technology and data patients have been used to. These new pieces of wearable technologies will go hand in hand with the growing popularity of telehealth. 

Wearable technologies are no longer only considered a nicety or for doing a hobby. As wearable technology becomes more advanced and continues to see more advancements in 2023, we can expect consumers to use it to become more informed and confident in every part of their lives.  

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