Meet the SweatID Team

Chelsea Monty Bromer, PhD

Chelsea Monty-Bromer, PhD

Chief TECHNOLOGY Officer, Founder

Dr. Chelsea Monty-Bromer founded SweatID in December 2017 in order to make personalized health sensors available for everyone. She began working with health sensors in 2010 while developing a fabric-based temperature sensor for use in prosthetic sockets.

Dr. Chelsea Monty-Bromer received her PhD in 2009 from the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign. She is currently an associate professor of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at Cleveland State University.

Ronald Otterstetter, PhD

Ronald Otterstetter, PhD

Chief Exercise Scientist

Dr. Ronald Otterstetter is the Director of the Human Performance Laboratory in the School of Sport Science & Wellness Education and is currently a full-time professor at the University of Akron.

His background is in environmental physiology research and the accuracy of newer technology in estimating body composition and the comparison of this newer hi-tech equipment. Currently he is leading the SweatID effort on getting triathlon athletes in our lab to perform on body testing with our non woven sensor.

Advisory Board

Tim Flemming

Tim Fleming

Tim Fleming is the Managing Partner at Endurance Performance Training Center in Mill Valley, CA. He is an exercise physiologist and coach specializing in exercise testing, training, and nutrition in endurance sport. Tim has worked with a broad range of athletes across several disciplines as well as other experts in the field of sport science, all of which have added valuable experience in developing protocols in physiological testing and coaching for a wide range of athletes and those seeking healthier lifestyles.

Tim Flemming

Yohann Mauger

Yohann is a former member of the Akron Zips Men’s Soccer Team. He is currently the founder of Hive Skills. As the founder of Hive Skills, he has pioneered soft skills evaluations as a way to optimize the performance of professional and college teams. In addition, he works with individual players and/or coaches on eliminating the barriers that limit them from reaching their full potential as an athlete and/or a human being.

Tim Flemming

Jamelle Eugene

Jamelle is above all else a visionary. He has spent his professional career coming up with novel solutions to problems and innovating in the fields of sports tech, fashion & apparel, and consumer products. An inventor and an entrepreneur, he currently holds two patents and has honed his eye for creative opportunities over time. He is passionate about product development, supply chain, fashion, sports, technology, and innovation. 

Tim Flemming

Fabiano Araujo, MD PhD

Dr. Fabiano Araujo is a sports medicine physician and a level 1 coach with USA Cycling. He is a part-time professor of human anatomy and sports medicine at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil. He is a coach educator and also a member of the WKO software development team at TrainingPeaks LLC. Currently, he is the President of the Minas Gerais State Society for Exercise and Sports Medicine (2019-2022).

Tim Flemming

Tony Lammers

Tony is the CEO and President of Boom Nutrition Inc.  MBA from Case Western Reserve University and 25+ years of progressive and diverse experience in sales, sales management, operations management, international sourcing, and product development.

Tim Flemming

Karishma Bali

Karishma Bali was born and raised in Chicago, IL USA. Karishma has experience in research, as an instructor, consultant and in innovation. Karishma is the founder and CEO of Pulse Athletic Apparel. She has a MS in Global Entrepreneurial Management from the University of San Francisco and MS in Biology from Case Western Reserve University.

Tim Flemming

Mike Fulmer

Mike Fulmer was an Interim Director at SNS Nano Fiber Technology, an electrospinning toll manufacturer based in Hudson, Ohio. Previously, Mike was a Vice President at Struktol and also held positions at Robert Eller Associates, Akron.

Tim Flemming

Jonny Tye

Jonny Tye, Company Director & COO at Precision Hydration, is an established and respected international level athlete as a canoeist. He represented Great Britain at more than 10 Major Championships and won National Titles across six consecutive years. He has been a driving force in the growth of the Precision Hydration since it was founded in 2011 with his natural ability to drive and execute a plan. Jonny has a wealth of practical experience in the field having worked with in excess of 50 major league teams in the US across MLB, NFL, NBA and MLS as well as many elite endurance athletes across the globe.

Tim Flemming

Daniel Lausin

Daniel, from Cleveland, has been racing competitively for 8 years and has more than half those years racing at the national level. He has been on the podium with Olympic caliber athletes as well as having experience racing in Belgium and ultra endurance events. 


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