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runner wearing Sweat ID
runner wearing SweatID

SweatID, where cutting-edge technology meets personalized health optimization.

At SweatID, we believe in empowering individuals to unlock their full potential by understanding and harnessing their body’s unique language. Our revolutionary nanofabric sensor technology is at the core of SweatID, offering a personalized approach to health like never before.

SweatID device
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Analyzing Your Body’s Language

Our patented nanofabric sensor technology is the heartbeat of SweatID. It goes beyond traditional health tracking by analyzing your sweat composition in real-time. This breakthrough allows us to decode your body’s language, providing you with unparalleled insights into your performance and health.

Precision in Performance

SweatID goes the extra mile by honing in on a crucial aspect of your workout – sweat sodium levels. As you conquer the track, hit the gym, or prepare for an upcoming race, SweatID precisely detects and measures your sweat sodium levels. This precision offers you the most accurate and real-time view of your hydration status, ensuring that you stay at the top of your game.

Adaptable Hydration for Every Endeavor

SweatID is more than a fitness accessory; it’s your adaptive training companion. Whether you’re engaged in high-intensity interval training or a leisurely jog, SweatID adapts to your unique needs, providing detailed and accurate hydration information tailored to elevate your training experience.

Crafted Through Research and Collaboration

Countless hours of research and validation testing have gone into creating SweatID. We’ve collaborated with top experts and athletes to ensure that every aspect of our sleek and comfortable system surpasses your expectations. From the nanofabric sensor technology to the overall design, SweatID is the result of meticulous craftsmanship aimed at enhancing your health and performance.

Why SweatID

  • One-to Many Connectivity – ideal for coaches, athletic trainers and facilities that monitor multiple athletes at the same time.
  • Near real-time data output for monitoring changes in sodium concentration during workouts
  • Fabric-based sensors provide breathability at the skin contact point, limiting physiological changes that can occur with adhesive based options
  • Published validation data proving the accuracy of our sensors

How It Works

  • Simply attach the SweatID system to your arm and complete your workout.  For best results, you should sweat as much as possible! 
  • The SweatID nanofabric sensor technology collects your sweat and our proprietary algorithm analyzes your sodium concentration in near-real time.
  • Knowing your sweat sodium concentration and sweat rate, you and your coach/trainer/nutritionist can develop a hydration plan that works best for you!

“I actually think this product would be very useful for just the average person. We’re going to record your hydration levels as well as what you’re deficient in. And then we’re going to create a custom blend just for you that’s intended just to increase your hydration just throughout the day. And this would be perfect for people who maybe aren’t elite athletes who maybe just want to have a better grasp on their hydration throughout the day other than just drinking a lot of water. And they want something that’s more tuned to them. It’s more custom to them.”

— Doug Cushing, Ironman athlete and Designer at SmartShape

“I feel like we had a very, very, very humid summer, and it was really tough like, you know, anybody who was training this summer most definitely was hydrating and replenishing with electrolytes like sodium. It’s tricky, and balancing that [hydration] out was definitely a major topic… when the heat and humidity turn up.”

— Dana Dombrowski, Female Ironman Athlete
athlete testing SweatID

Interested in participating in SweatID’s Beta Prototype Program?

We continue to look for athletes, coaches, and teams to help us with our technology. Buy a discounted beta prototype system and help us revolutionize sweat science!

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