Exercises Research Study – Looking for Volunteers

The Human Performance Laboratory in the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences is looking for volunteers for a study comparing ways to measure sweat sodium, concentration during a single 90 minute run. Testing will take place at Cleveland State University and University of Akron.

Ideal candidates will:

  • NBe able to run for 1.5 hours
  • NHave a strong background in endurance sports (cycling, running, etc.)
  • NBe 18 years or older

Participants who complete the study are entitled to receive a free maximal exercise test in the Human Performance Lab.

Participation in the study consists of a 90 minute exercise trial on a treadmill. This test will accurately measure your sweat sodium concentration.

If you are interested, please contact:

Dr Ronald Otterstetter at (330) 972-7738 or email ro5@uakron.edu

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