Come to one of our state-of-the-art exercise science laboratories and let the SweatID team revolutionize the way you and your athlete’s understand your body’s sweat and hydration needs!

No two people sweat the same.
Your sweat is as unique as your fingerprint.

Scientific research demonstrates the significant impact of proper hydration on various performance metrics, including endurance, strength, power, and cognitive function. By knowing your individual sweat profile, athletes can improve cardiovascular efficiency, enhance muscle function, and optimize mental acuity, thereby maximizing overall athletic performance and minimizing the risk of fatigue and injury.



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What you’ll receive during our test session at our exercise science lab:

  • EPrecision Hydration Sweat Test: Discover the precise composition of your sweat with an advanced induced sweat test. Uncover valuable insights into your body's hydration requirements.
  • EPersonalized Sweat Sodium Profile: During a 1-hour exercise session, whether it's cycling or running, you'll experience our state-of-the-art SweatID system. Receive your unique sweat sodium profile.
  • EComprehensive Data Report: Gain access to a comprehensive data report based on your exercise session. This report includes detailed sodium and potassium concentration data gathered from a commercially available sweat analyzer.
  • EExpert Guidance: Our experienced SweatID team will analyze the data with you. Gain a deeper understanding of how your body loses sodium during exercise and receive personalized guidance to develop an effective hydration plan. We work closely with our hydration partner to ensure your plan is optimized for peak performance.

Sample Report


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Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to reveal the secrets of the body’s hydration needs and enhance the athletic performance for you and your athletes.

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