How Should Wearable Technology Change

May 30, 2022 | Ideas

Wearable technology is at an all time high for popularity and usage, and is only expected to increase in the near future. These technologies are being introduced at a rapid pace, and the industry is always working to create the next best piece. 

A recent article by Protocol asked 12 leaders in the tech and healthcare space: “What should be the biggest change to wearables in the next five years?” While several points were made, the article can be summed up by three key takeaways.

More accessibility 

Wearables make it easier for users to take their health into their own hands. And with an increase in data comes an increase in the need to make the data digestible and accessible to the consumer. This will also allow the wearables to more seamlessly integrate into their lives and keep adoption rates high. 

“In five years’ time, we should have clear parameters to share data collected from wearables securely, including data-sharing agreements, organizational and industrywide guidelines,” said Todd Bellemare, senior vice president of Strategic Solutions at Definitive Healthcare

Better clinical integration

“Truly unlocking the potential of this technology requires focusing on interconnectivity and standardizing how data is collected, stored, transmitted and ultimately leveraged in a clinical context,” said Amit Phull, M.D, Senior vice president of Strategy at Doximity. 

While the increase in data is useful on many levels, experts say it can be difficult for providers to process and analyze this data at the clinical level to actually be able to leverage it for patients. Phull says providers need to be empowered to be more productive with the data and allow them to utilize it in their clinical work. 

Increased predictive insights for better recommendations

When combined with other sources of patient health information, wearable technologies could allow doctors to give patients tailored recommendations about how to reduce their risk and enjoy a healthier future,” said Dr. Emerson Perin, M.D., Medical director at the Texas Heart Institute.

Collecting data is one thing. But being able to turn that data into recommendations is where the true value of wearable tech comes in. Driving real behavior change and becoming the best version of oneself is the ultimate goal that should be achieved with wearables. 

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