How to Make Water More Hydrating

Jun 8, 2021 | Ideas

Savvy Ways to Get More From Your Water Pour

You may find yourself reaching for a glass of plain water after your workout, but in order to achieve optimal rehydration, you need to have enough electrolytes too. For the most part, people receive electrolytes (including but not limited to sodium, potassium, and calcium) through a healthy diet. However during high exertion and sweaty activities, replacing those vitamins helps your body absorb the water better and hydrate more readily. 

Sport drinks are popular, but there are many other ways to get electrolytes with ingredients you already have at home. Here are some simple things you can add to your water so that it hydrates you better.


Lemons contain minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium. Not only does lemon water taste fresh, its electrolyte content helps your cells balance their hydration levels. Other citrus fruits like lime, orange, and grapefruit provide similar benefits when placed in water. Experiment to see what flavor blend you like best! 


Apples contain potassium, an important electrolyte that helps maintain proper muscle function. Low potassium levels caused by low electrolytes or overhydration can cause muscle weakness. 

Sea Salt

If you don’t want to mess around with fruit, you can just add a pinch of sea salt to your glass of water. Salt contains sodium and chloride ions, both of which are useful electrolytes for your body. Sodium is a key factor in osmosis, which balances cellular hydration. 

Electrolyte tablet

When in doubt, you can always purchase electrolyte tablets to put in your water. These come in many different brands. Often, these tablets will come in a variety of different electrolyte blends depending on your target hydration goals and activity level. Be aware that some contain caffeine! 

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