How to pick the right wearable for running

Sep 9, 2021 | Ideas

Whether you’re a novice runner just getting started or you compete in marathon’s regularly, you’d likely benefit from a wearable technology while you run. 

Wearables are an electronic technology or device that can be worn comfortably and are frequently used for tracking and data purposes. Recently, the options of wearables for runners have been nearly endless as the industry continues to grow and innovate.  

Mashable compiled a list of seven questions to ask yourself before purchasing a wearable. Here are the key takeaways from the article:

  • What’s the purpose?

Narrow down the hunt by identifying your fitness goals and objectives. This will help determine which wearable is best and most in-line with your purpose.

  • Will it be an all-day or activity-specific accessory?

Some wearables are only meant to be used while working out or running, while others can serve additional purposes. How you plan to use yours will help as you go to purchase your item.

  • What’s a price range you’re comfortable with?

Go into your wearables search with a set price range. This will help keep your search reasonable. If you find your dream wearable, but this price is out of reach, keep an eye out for sales which can be frequent in this industry! 

  • What size are your wrists? 

Be sure to know what kind of wearable you’d be most comfortable with. If the wearable is for your wrist, know that some makes and models are larger and bulkier than others. Research is key.

  • How much do you care about metrics?

One of the most significant benefits of wearables is the ability to track metrics. Understanding which metrics matter to you is important. If you just care about basic metrics like average pace, distance and elevation gained/lost, you won’t need a device with 80+ sport modes.  

  • Does battery life matter to you?

Depending on how much you use your wearable and how much you think you’ll charge it will impact the kind of battery life you will require. 

  • Is getting accurate heart-rate readings important? 

Know which features are important to you, and buy based off of that. For some runners, heart-rate readings are critical to their training. For others, it may not matter. Keep this in mind when listing out the non-negotiable features you’re looking for. 

As runners, features for wearables make all the difference. Different wearables serve different important purposes. RooSense is designed to help runners (and all kinds of athletes) sweat safely. By measuring sweat output to stay hydrated, the lightweight, wearable sensor is specifically created to help those in high-sweat environments stay safe and achieve performance goals.

Learn more about how RooSense is the right wearable for runners and athletes looking to remove the guesswork from proper hydration and electrolyte balance.

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