Hydration Motivation: 5 Tips for Improving The Way You Hydrate

Jun 29, 2022 | Ideas

Maybe you understand that hydration is important to your health, but you also think it’s one of those things that can just fall by the wayside and it won’t have adverse effects. Or, maybe you think properly hydrating won’t really make THAT much of a difference. We get it!

But did you know that hydrating is good for your physical health and your wellbeing, which in turn could improve even your mental health? If you’re looking for some extra motivation to improve your everyday hydration, we have five points for you that’ll change the way you hydrate (for the better!). 

More energy

Feeling tired? Hit the afternoon slump? Believe it or not, water gives you energy while also preventing symptoms of fatigue or sleepiness that could come with dehydration. Next time you think it’s coffee you need, reach for the water bottle instead!

Better workouts

With more energy comes better workouts. If your muscles are hydrated, your workouts and training will improve. Make sure to you’re hydrating before, during and after a workout to get the most of it!

Weight maintenance 

Drinking increased water alone may not help you shed some pounds, but because increase hydration gives you more energy and better workouts (see points 1 and 2!), this could help individuals who are on a journey to find a healthy, happy weight that’s right for their body. While you’re at it, consider these five water-packed foods to incorporate in your diet as well!

Improved physical appearance 

Say goodbye to expensive oils and unnatural serums for your face and skin. The secret to glowing skin and strong, healthy hair? Water. Water helps keep your body hydrated and maintains your skin’s elasticity. It can also improve hair growth from root to tip when combined with other healthy and natural methods (like showers and routine haircuts!)

Overall body function

If those points weren’t enough to motivate you to get to work on that water bottle, this one should be. With increased water intake should come improved body function. And who can say no to that? Focus, cognition, digestion, joint lubrication, blood pressure maintenance and more are just the beginning. Remember that increased water intake doesn’t just help what’s on the outside, it truly improves what’s on the inside as well. 

Challenge yourself to increase your water intake this month and see what happens physically, and even mentally. Hydrating should be a key part to our everyday lifestyle, even if you’re not actively sweating or working out. 

Once you get into a good hydration routine, it’s important to track your hydration and electrolyte intake. Sweat ID helps users sweat smarter and track what to drink and when to drink it. Learn more about the solution that’s changing the hydration game.  

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