New Year New You: How wearables will help you reach your goals for 2022

Dec 13, 2021 | Ideas

Wearable technologies are on the rise. Consumers are increasingly discovering how convenient, accurate and pivotal the technologies can be. As we head into the new year, about one in four Americans will make a New Year’s resolution. Many individuals will have a better diet and more exercise at the top of the list. We all know how easy it can be to fall off the wagon and lose motivation as the year trickles on.

There’s always next year, right? But how can wearable technology actually keep consumers motivated for 2022 and beyond? 

Wearables make it easy to stay on track. And you can get pretty granular. From setting reminders to reviewing data, you can make sure you’re setting yourself up for success.

By reviewing the data and analytics tracked by your wearable, you can stay motivated. This information will allow you to see how you performed in the past, and can help you set goals for the future. With some wearables, you can even compare your information against others to add some friendly competition. By reviewing your personal data, you have a benchmark to keep in mind that will help motivate you to get better each day. 

By consistently using wearables, you may see other positive implications in your life. For example, better diet and exercise will likely lead to better sleep, higher energy and overall increased quality of life. When you invest in a wearable, you invest in your future and bettering yourself.

In the New Year, consider what your goals are and which wearable technology can help you reach those goals. 

Looking to focus on your hydration, enhance your performance and improve recovery? Learn more about SweatID’s wearable sensor to help meet your new year’s goals. 

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