Sweat ID Announces Appointment of New CEO to Lead Wearable Fitness Technology Expansion

Mar 15, 2023 | Press

SweatID, a leading wearable technology company focused on monitoring hydration levels during exercise, is pleased to announce Michael Stadvec as its new CEO. With a deep knowledge of the fitness and wearables market, he will be leading the company’s expansion and partnership opportunities as it seeks to improve the health and performance of athletes everywhere.

Stadvec brings a wealth of experience in the health and fitness space, having owned fitness studios in Los Angeles and worked with thousands of clients and athletes. He has also been an early adopter in wearables and fitness and performance platforms, including Whoop, Levels, Supersapiens, PNOË, Strava, Zwift, TrainerRoad, Wahoo, Own It, Elite HRV (Spren), Movano Health and others.

“We are thrilled to have Michael join our team as CEO,” says Dr. Chelsea Monty-Bromer, Sweat ID’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “As we begin to focus on our go-to-market strategy and think about the next steps for the company, Michael is the perfect addition. I am confident that his experience and understanding of the wearable technology industry, specifically in the health and fitness space, will be invaluable to Sweat ID’s future.”

Under Stadvec’s leadership, Sweat ID plans to expand its market presence by developing new products and partnering with other fitness and health companies. The company has already made significant strides in its field, with its wearable device and sensor ahead of current exercise science metrics for monitoring hydration during exercise. Sweat ID’s next phase of testing will incorporate the monitoring of additional biometrics via current devices on the market, such as HRV, sleep, stress, recovery, performance, and more, to better understand the relationship between hydration and these important biomarkers.

“I am excited to join Sweat ID and work alongside Dr. Monty-Bromer and the rest of the team to build upon the great work they have already done,” says Stadvec. “The potential for Sweat ID’s technology to revolutionize the way we think about hydration during exercise is tremendous, and I am eager to lead the company as we continue to innovate in this space.”

Learn more about SweatID’s novel FitTech solution here: https://yoursweatid.com/our-solution/


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