SweatID and MAGNET Partnership Cultivates a Vibrant Manufacturing Ecosystem in Northeast Ohio

Jul 3, 2024 | Ideas

SweatID, a sweat science company that provides users with their sweat sodium concentration based on real-time data, has made significant strides since it was first developed in 2017. From scaling operations to refining go-to-market strategies, the company is a growing force in its industry.

But as many say, it takes a village, and Chelsea Monty-Bromer, CEO of SweatID, could not agree more. SweatID’s success came with the help of other local partners in Northeast Ohio who helped the company get to where it is today and aim to advance manufacturing and entrepreneurship in the region. MAGNET, a non-profit organization that provides high quality consulting services to Northeast Ohio’s small-and medium-sized manufacturers, is one of those partners.

“We began with humble beginnings, crafting each sensor by hand,” Monty-Bromer recalls. “The process was arduous, taking nine hours to produce the carbon nanotube treated fabric and an additional three days to assemble each sensor individually. But we knew there was great potential for improvement.”

Enter MAGNET, with its New Ventures team that supports Ohio startups and entrepreneurs by offering a gateway to opportunity for innovative startups like SweatID. Andrea Navratil, Director of the New Ventures team at MAGNET) recalls their early encounters.

“When we first saw SweatID’s technology, we were attracted to its potential to impact the fitness industry through sensor technology. We were excited to support their journey.”

And support, they did. Through consultation and collaboration, MAGNET helped SweatID streamline its manufacturing process to enhance efficiency and scalability.

One of the key areas in which MAGNET provided assistance was in developing various methods for creating SweatID’s sensor backing. The backing on the sensor serves to add structural support, ensuring it does not tear during use.

They guided the Sweat ID team in determining the optimal approach for manufacturing the backing and produced several prototype samples. The process MAGNET helped identify will be integral once SweatID reaches the stage of producing hundreds of thousands of sensors at scale.

“Our partnership with MAGNET was transformative,” said Dr. Monty-Bromer. “With their guidance, what once took days to produce can now be accomplished in a matter of hours. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration.”

MAGNET’s impact extends beyond process optimization. They played a pivotal role in connecting SweatID with vital resources and funding opportunities, such as the Advanced Manufacturing Fund (AMF).

“MAGNET not only helped us refine our manufacturing process but also provided early support in securing funding for our growth,” said Dr. Monty-Bromer. “Their holistic approach to partnership has been instrumental in our success.”

Looking ahead, Dr. Monty-Bromer envisions a bright future for manufacturing in Northeast Ohio.

“Our collaboration with MAGNET has highlighted the region’s potential as a hub for innovation and manufacturing excellence. With organizations like MAGNET leading the charge, I’m confident that Northeast Ohio will continue to thrive as a center for technological innovation and economic growth.”


MAGNET, the Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network, is dedicated to transforming manufacturing in Northeast Ohio through high-impact consulting and strategic initiatives. With a focus on operational excellence, innovation, and talent development, MAGNET partners with small- and mid-sized manufacturers to drive measurable growth. Their comprehensive services include enhancing strategy, improving technology, and fostering workforce development. By connecting industry leaders, providing insights, and promoting smart manufacturing, MAGNET is committed to making Northeast Ohio a global leader in manufacturing excellence.


For more information, visit MAGNET.

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