SweatID Featured on Ideastream Series, “Making It”

Aug 25, 2022 | Press

Chelsea Monty-Bromer, Found and Chief Technology Officer of SweatID, was featured on Ideastream Public Media’s series Making It which features entrepreneurs and startups in Northeast Ohio.

“We started this process about twelve years ago and I think it’s even more exciting now than it was twelve years ago,” Monty-Bromer said in the interview while speaking about how far the company has come.

During the feature video, Shelby Daniels, a chemical engineer with SweatID, walks viewers through how the company makes the non woven fabric that is used as the base for the sensor. The process includes an electrospinning box, embroidery and 3D printing.

“At SweatID, we really want to revolutionize how people think about wearable technology. We want to integrate sensors into clothing people are wearing every day,” Monty-Bromer said. 

For more on the science behind the product, plans for the product launch and more, watch the full feature.


athlete testing SweatID

Athletes — Interested In Testing SweatID Technology?

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