SweatID Heading to Las Vegas for CES 2022

Jan 3, 2022 | Press

AKRON, OH, January 3, 2022

SweatID, a fitness wearables company that provides users with rehydration strategies based on real-time sweat data, will attend CES 2022, an annual technology trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association. SweatID will be at the Case Western Reserve University Booth (60869). 

The SweatID fabric sensor is the first nonwoven sensor to provide real-time hydration information by selectively targeting sodium levels in the user’s sweat. The SweatID system is a piece of wearable technology that provides athletes with a personalized strategy to accurately rehydrate during work, training, or competition. By analyzing sodium levels in sweat through a disposable fabric sensor, users are provided real-time data, via Bluetooth, about appropriate rehydration needs. Users of the SweatID app have access to their unique hydration data, as well as a personalized hydration strategy specifically tailored to their unique body chemistry.  

“We believe that our athletes sweat is as unique as their fingerprints and by providing them with their personalized SweatID we can help them increase performance and reduce recovery time,” said Chelsea Monty-Bromer, CEO and Founder of Sweat ID. “Targeting sodium is just the beginning and we aim to make our SweatID system a platform technology capable of helping our athletes to ‘Sweat smarter’.”

Returning to an in-person event this year, CES features new products and innovations in the consumer electronics industry. This year’s show takes place from Thursday, Jan. 5 to Sunday, Jan. 8 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas, Nevada.

 CES attendees can get first-hand experience with SweatID, a piece of wearable technology that helps users sweat smarter by analyzing sodium levels on the skin in real-time and providing users with data they need to rehydrate appropriately.

For more information, reach CEO, and Founder of SweatID, Chelsea Monty-Bromer:


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