The Do’s and Don’ts of Hydration This Spring

Apr 4, 2022 | Ideas

Spring has officially sprung, and that means summer is well on its way too. As temperatures rise and activities move back outside again, it’s important to keep your hydration in mind. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the new season, but remembering to stay hydrated will keep you safe and healthy.

With the spring and summer seasons come an increase in gatherings: from backyard barbecues to pool parties to patio brunches and outdoor group exercise. As you celebrate and enjoy the season, keep in mind what you’re putting in your body, specifically when it comes to drinks. Most drinks are fine in moderation, but you should know which are better for you and which to not go overboard on.

What to drink to stay hydrated

  1.  Water: This one seems pretty obvious. If you’re not a fan of plain old water, consider finding a water with electrolytes (without added sugars, of course). Water with electrolytes can help hydrate you quickly and effectively—and taste great at the same time!
  2. Smoothies: A popular drink in the spring and summer, smoothies can also be extremely hydrating when made correctly because you get the water naturally from the fruits and vegetables in the smoothie. 
  3. Juices: It can get tricky here, but certain juices can be a great source of hydration (especially if you have young ones who are picky!). When picking out a juice, look for no sugar added juices that are paired with nutrients for hydration, like sodium and electrolytes.  

Which drinks can cause dehydration

  1. Soda: Because of the high amount of added sugars in soda, this drink can be extremely damaging to your hydration. Although it might taste crisp and refreshing on a hot day, try to steer clear from it for hydrating purposes. 
  2. Energy drinks: Because of the high amount of caffeine in them, energy drinks can also be dehydrating. Energy drinks can also contain other ingredients, such as Taurine, which is a compound with diuretic effects, that increases dehydration. 
  3. Alcohol: Probably the worst offender of them all: alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, soda, etc.) Alcohol is a known diuretic that dehydrates the body. If and when you’re consuming alcohol this spring and summer, keep in mind that you should be rehydrating yourself at the same time (in other words—order a water with each drink!) You’ll thank us later.

Keeping your hydration in mind is important year-round, but is especially critical in the warmer months. Remember which drinks help with hydration and which hurt it this season to ensure you have a healthy and safe summer.

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