Why Monitoring Sweat is the Future of Healthcare Technology

Oct 3, 2022 | Ideas

While most wearable technologies monitor heart rate, steps, sleep patterns and other physical signals, many are still behind when it comes to tracking other insights into our health. 

A new article by WebMD explains why sweat is the future of health monitoring since it’s the next closest thing to blood, which houses many important health indicators. 

Below are three key takeaways from the article.

  1. Because sweat is known as a “window into the blood”, monitoring sweat could tell us a lot of things about the body that we previously would have to get a finger prick from. 
  2. Currently, sweat monitoring is used for several health and legal reasons. From cystic fibrosis testing blood alcohol monitoring, measuring sweat can tell us a lot about what’s going on inside an individual at a deeper level.  
  3. Until recently, monitoring sweat seemed to have several barriers standing in its way for success. However, advancements in biomonitoring devices are leading researchers to new developments and technologies that are changing they way sweat data is collected and analyzed.

What the wearable industry needs is lab quality testing put into the hands of the users. The proprietary, nonwoven fabric sensor provides users with rehydration strategies based on real-time data generated by identifying the exact amount of sodium in sweat. This helps athletes and other users know what to drink, when to drink and how much to drink, making it easy to pinpoint electrolyte levels and address dehydration issues before it happens.

The future of wearable technology reaches far beyond counting steps and monitoring a heart rate. As the wearable technology industry is projected to reach nearly $185 million by 2031, learning how to give users what they need is imperative to the industry moving forward.

Check out the full WebMD article. 


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